5 Tips to Sleep Better With Your Spouse

The importance of sleep in a relationship can never be taken lightly. A lot many relations go sore over unhealthy sleeping habits. Marital counselling experts cite different instances when the partner ceases to be pleasurable for reasons that can be managed or reversed with a bit of effort. The interesting bit is that often it is not the partner to blame but the mattress. Here, let’s look at the 5 most important tips to sleep better with your spouse.

  1. Mattress matters: Choose the right mattress to support your love life. It should b soft as well as firm to give ample support to you and your partner. As you get creative with moves, get a mattress that supports the spine because you don’t need to be bothered by backaches later.
  2. Stress free bed: Once in the bedroom, try to keep all your other stress far behind. Don’t bring stress from work to bed. Electronic gadgets like laptop, tablet or mobiles can spoil the fun. The time in bed had to be intimate. Gadgets can be stressful for either or both of the partners.
  3. Pillow talk: Though there is no hard and fast rule for the bedroom, it is usually better not to rush into things. Give love some time to bloom. Pillow talk for a while to build intimacy and show that you care for the person and not just the physical body. Then may be get into foreplay before getting into the act.
  4. Choose sides to sleep on: It might look silly at first glance, but people do like some order in things. Certainly, the bed is same throughout but there might be something else that makes a side more comfortable for some like the position of AC or the mirror on wall, or an open window and the breeze or the moonlight peeping through the balcony or the side by the wall. Whatever it be, be accommodating to peculiar likes.
  5. Spoon Don't Snore: Snoring can be a spoilsport. The best way to prevent snoring is to sleep on your side which is really romantic for you and your partner. The spooning position for you and your partner make you cosy and you two can really snuggle up. If your sleep partner is a wiggle worm, try being the big spoon so they can’t roll away from you.